Francis Brennan takes to the road

Francis Brennan takes to the road in his ‘Happiness Tour Truck’ to spread some cheer.

TV personality Francis Brennan when he announced that he is taking to the road in his ‘Happiness Tour Truck’ to spread a little happiness

With his new memoir, Counting My Blessings: Francis Brennan’s Guide to Happiness released this Friday, 2nd October, Francis […]

Hotelier Francis Brennan goes to Hollywood for talks for own TV show

Celebrity hotelier Francis Brennan may soon be swapping the green fields of Kerry for the bright lights of Hollywood after revealing he could be getting his own US TV show.

The RTE star (62) is best known for his role on popular hotel makeover series At Your Service, but now has his sights set on conquering […]

Francis Brennan: Fred Astaire suit got me into the hotel business

Francis Brennan has revealed how a desire to dress up pushed him to enter the hotel business.

Brennan may be a household name and owner of the five-star Park Hotel in Kenmare, Co Kerry, but said he entered the hospitality industry for unusual reasons.

He revealed: “I always knew that I wanted to be in the hotel […]

Me & My Money Francis Brennan, owner, Park Hotel Kenmare

‘When I bought my Mercedes E Class car it cost me £72,900. I have never bought a car since, and now drive a Volvo V80’ Are you a saver or a spender? I tend to save more than I spend, but the savings have been decimated by the Celtic Tiger so I should have spent it! Do you shop around for better value? Always. My restaurant supervisor was here the other day pricing a trip to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and I saved her over €450 a person and got a car included for the 14-day trip.

Life Lessons from Francis Brennan’s school of charm

The co-owner with his brother, John, of Kenmare’s five-star Park Hotel knows how to treat people and how to be treated. He has put his wisdom into a book and Claire O’Sullivan picked out some gems.

FRANCIS BRENNAN isn’t a snob. Rather, with his endearing mannerisms, irresistibly quaint humour and legendary experience of the hospitality industry, the TV […]

The widely beloved Saint Francis (Brennan) of Kenmare

He is one of RTE’s best-loved faces. Francis Brennan tells Barry Egan how he talks to his Aga cooker, about how his bedroom is “frightening”, his idyllic childhood, his 91-year-old mother and his father’s death in 1988.

Why am I not surprised? Francis Brennan loves to dance. Hearing this is like having Bob Dylan say to […]