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The essence of good hotel keeping is hospitality and Francis Brennan has practised this with distinction for decades. Owning the Park Hotel Kenmare, the hotel has become one of the most acclaimed hotels in Ireland regularly reaching the top of international polls.

The Park Hotel Kenmare is an elegant 19th century mansion lapped by the waters of Kenmare Bay. The Park Hotel Kenmare retains all the intimacy of a cherished home. In summer sea breezes waft through the hotel, while peat fires blaze in the hearth all year as a welcoming beacon to guests.

Francis Brennan extends wonderful and welcoming hospitality in this marvellous five star hotel. Luxurious rooms and suites, inspiring surroundings and exemplary discreet personal service are at the pulse of ensuring visitors enjoy the ultimate guest experience.

Many of his team and colleagues have been with the hotel for up to twenty years. They are cherry picked and nurtured to provide the same warm friendly service that is second nature to Frances.


Many customers are now friends and very few guests visit the hotel once, repeat business and word of mouth is testament to this. The inclusion of the Park Hotel Kenmare at the top of all international guest survey lists from Conde Nast to Travel and Leisure is also a testament to the guest experience provided.

Francis studied hotel management for four years and after working in a number of properties he commenced working as a manager in the Park Hotel Kenmare in 1980, an opportunity arose to purchase the property and Francis summoned all of his entrepreneurial skills to raise the funds. Ten years later he was joined by his brother John who at this stage had also acquired up to ten year’s experience working in a variety of hotels.

Both Francis and his brother John present “At Your Service” on Irish National TV and are regular contributors to newspapers, TV and radio on a range of issues from hospitality to commentary on Ireland in general.

In 2016 Francis Brennan released a stunning designer Collection for Dunnes Stores. The Collection offers a hotel lifestyle for private homes and has expanded considerable since its inception due to quality and design of the pieces.    

Francis is also the author of 7 best-selling books covering topics from etiquette, how to keep a perfect home, travel and Homekeepers Diaries all based on his own experiences. His most recent publication is “Age is Just a Number” in 2023.

Francis travels extensively and are constantly seeking new opportunities and ideas to enhance his business. He is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading brains in the Irish hospitality sector and is both forward thinking and visionary in his outlook.

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