Celebrity hotelier Francis Brennan may soon be swapping the green fields of Kerry for the bright lights of Hollywood after revealing he could be getting his own US TV show.

The RTE star (62) is best known for his role on popular hotel makeover series At Your Service, but now has his sights set on conquering American screens after being picked up by a US-based talent scout.

The Dublin native, who runs the five-star Park Hotel in Kenmare, has jetted to LA twice for negotiations on potential projects Stateside.

“I’m doing a 10-minute slot for a promo for North America – for someone who believes I have a future there,” he said.

“I’ve had two gos with them already in LA and they are very keen. I’m doing a promo on weddings, because I have all sorts of mad things to say about them.”

While a future in Hollywood looks a possibility for Francis, the eccentric broadcaster admitted he won’t be upset if his LA dreams fall through.

“I don’t know what their idea [for the show] is, but it’s exciting – I have a possibility of going to America and, if it never happens, do I care? Not one single bit,” he said.

As he juggles running his lavish hotel with his TV duties, the businessman is busier than ever before – something he’s more than happy with.

“At 54, I was given a new career – isn’t that brilliant? I didn’t do any television before I was 54, I did bits and pieces here and there, but never a show. It’s exciting,” he said.

However, his new-found broadcasting fame is just a sideline, as he runs his lavish Kerry hotel with his brother John – a business he bought when he was only 26 years old and had “no money”.

“Since the age of 10 or 11 I knew I wanted to be in the hotel business,” Francis said.

Speaking on the Anton Savage Show on Today FM, the chatty hotelier recounted how he bought the hotel after it went into liquidation in the ’80s.

“I went looking to Irish banks but they wouldn’t give me the money, they said you’re too young and it’s too big of a deal,” he said.

After turning to his mother and father for help getting a loan, Francis admitted it wasn’t long before the business took off.

Article taken from Irish Independent and written by Sharon McGowan